Volunteer Positions Available

Volunteer Office Assistant

The Office Assistant will perform a variety of tasks depending on project deadlines in the FEC office. This will include answering phones and other administrative tasks as assigned by the Volunteer Coordinator, with direction from FEC office staff. This position helps to extend the resources available at the Family Enhancement Center, to better assist and direct the needs of our clients.


Nest Program Mentor

Volunteers will receive training to become mentors in our Nest Program, with the goal of strengthening families and preventing child abuse.  The Nest Program is designed to support families struggling with child management issues either due to a parent or child’s mental health, family trauma or other stressful circumstances that make parenting difficult.  Mentors will be asked to connect with their assigned family every week.


Hospitality and Event Volunteer

This position will support one of our in-person programs at the FEC office, such as Drum Beat, Families Moving Forward and Healing Motion. It could require ordering/picking up food/refreshments, setting up the room, welcoming clients to their weekly meeting.

FEC will also need volunteers for events when they occur.  These duties would be one-time related to the event and could include, picking up supplies, assisting with invitations, registration, setting up the event space, welcoming guests and managing event check-in, assist with overall event logistics.