Our Services

Individual and Family Therapy

The Family Enhancement Center offers a full range of counseling services with an expertise in  families affected by, or at risk for, child abuse. Read more about Individual and Family Therapy.

Family Foundations: In home parent development service

The Family Enhancement Center provides parent development services for Hennepin County to families in the child protection system. Read more about Family Foundations.

Solid Starts

An education, support and mentoring program for families during pregnancy and through age 3. Read more about Solid Starts.

Families Moving Forward: Healing children from sexual abuse

Families Moving Forward is a group therapy program designed for children who have been sexually abused and their non-offending parents.  Read more about Families Moving Forward.

Healing Motion: Mind-body healing techniques for children affected by sexual abuse

Healing Motion is a group based holistic approach incorporating mind-body techniques such as mindfulness practices, yoga and other movement based therapies for children 10 and up who have experienced sexual abuse. Read more about Healing Motion.

Stranger Danger & Beyond: Sexual abuse prevention workshop for parents and professionals

A curriculum based program developed by our Executive Director, Libby Bergman, with the goal of protecting youth from sexual abuse. Read more about Stranger Danger & Beyond.