Priyanka Wadhawan

Director of Finance & Operations

At the heart of Family Enhancement Center’s mission to combat child abuse, Priyanka Wadhawan stands as the Director of Finance and Operations, bringing over 14 years of experience in finance and operational leadership. Her dedication goes beyond the numbers, as she passionately works to ensure that every resource is maximized in the fight to protect and empower children.

Prior to joining Family Enhancement Center, Priyanka made significant impacts at other Non-profit Organizations working for children, where she was instrumental in developing strategic financial plans and operational systems that promoted organizational efficiency and effectiveness. With a keen eye for detail and a heart firmly rooted in humanitarian causes, she has always sought to align financial and operational management with core social values.

Holding a Master’s degree in finance and accounting from University of Calcutta (India) and a professional degree from Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Priyanka’s educational background is complemented by her continuous professional development in areas pertinent to non-profit management and child welfare. Her commitment to staying abreast of the best practices in non-profit management and child advocacy is remarkable.

In her current role at Family Enhancement Center, Priyanka is not just a guardian of the organization’s finances but a key player in its mission to prevent child abuse. She ensures that every dollar is accounted for and maximized in support of programs and initiatives that educate, advocate, and intervene to protect children. Her strategic approach to financial planning, coupled with efficient operational management, enables the organization to expand its reach and deepen its impact. Beyond the financial spreadsheets and operational logistics, Priyanka is deeply invested in the cause, often participating in community outreach programs, and advocating for child safety and well-being.

Priyanka’s expertise in finance and operations is matched only by Her unwavering commitment to the vision of Family Enhancement Center – “to create lasting solutions to prevent and heal child abuse”. She strongly believes the world should be a place where every child is safe, nurtured, and loved. She continues to be a driving force behind the scenes, ensuring the organization’s resilience and ability to respond effectively to the needs of children and families affected by abuse.